domingo, julho 02, 2006

Essa eu li no Tokyo Notice Board (16 de junho de 2006), uma revista que classificas em ingles aqui em Toquio, e que tem alguns textos junto. E dei algumas gargalhagas.

"THIS IS A PEN" by Harvey

I have heard many times from my japanese friends that the first english phrase they learn is "This is a pen". Why is this? I don`t find that phrase so usefyl. When can you use it?

Maybe you`re in a stationary store, and aren`t sure that the long plastic thing is in the case. So you ask the shopkeeper. "What is this?" the shopkeeper may say, "Oh! why, this is a pen!" And you will be enlightened by this new knowledge. Yes, that situation could happen, but some how, I think that it would be rare. Unless of course it is an extremely odd shaped new-age art pen that actually looks like a fruit or something... Surely the phrases, "How much does it cost?" or " Where`s the bathroom?" would be more useful.

Curious about how other countries handle this first english language encounter I decided to ask a few friends from around the world theur experiences.

Apparently, in Korea, the first phrase most students learn is "I am a boy. You are a girl." Now this phrase, is quite possibly less useful than even "this is a pen". At least with "this is a pen" there is the chance for doubt. Who knows, maybe it was a pencil? However, in wath situation, would you ever need to state a claim to you and your partners sex so obviously? Hrm... Maybe if you are participating in Takarazuka, or Chinese Opera, or Kabuki... You could point out what role you are playing in case there is any confusion...

In France, the first communication seems to be "where is Brian?" and "It`s a cat". Not a pen. A cat. And I think more approprite question would be, "WHO is Brian?" Or maybe ever... "Why are you look for Brian?" I have heard that in China people learn "This is a bed". I at a loss for words on that one. I guess a bed is as good as anu cat or pen though huh?

Spain however apparently has the most confusing phrase I have ever heard yet. "My tailor is rich". Now, maybe this one is little wild, maybe the friend I asked just happened to give me a ridiculous phrase, but... My tailor is rich? I don`t have a tailor. I probably never will. Even if I did, I probably wouldn`t know if he was rich or not... And even if I did I have a tailor... and he was rich... why would I tell everyone else about it?

E a gente? "The book is on the table"... hahahahaha jah fizeram ateh funk com isso! Eh, isso acontece no mundo todo...